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Unlike most Bitcoin-based gambling tokens, Edgeless is an Ethereum based casino that claims to be legal and safe. With its own casino licence,  you can easily play blackjack, dice games, poker and even bet on sporting events. It even has its own casino licence, granted to it by the Caribbean nation of Curacao.  With an active licence, Edgeless is now in the process of creating its own payment gateway using fiat currency. Not everybody can use Edgeless though, as it uses an  IP-based location tracker that blocks specific regions of the world like the United States America.

What is Ethereum?


Bankroll Staking

Ever had the fantasy of being the house in a Casino?  With Edgeless you can. With bankroll staking, your edgeless tokens can be used by the casino for enough liquidity to find casino operations. That means,  using the smart contracts in ethereum you can cover casino losses and collect on profits. bankroll staking is usually done for a week, and this feature will be rolled out very soon.With only 130 million Edgeless tokens in circulation trading at a price of $0.56 each, there has been a steady increase in its monetary value.

Bankroll Management


Fun Fair

If you’re the kind of person that likes smooth graphics, a convenient user experience and an intuitive user interface, then you should try Funfair. Funfair is specifically designed for people who fancy themselves gamers but not in a technical sense. Unlike Edgeless,  Funfair doesn’t actually operate a casino but creates a platform for anyone to make their own games and run their own casinos.Funfair is way ahead of the game, with a premium service called fate channels that are super fast and sustained gaming on demand with little to no lag time, at 10% of the operating cost of other blockchain casinos.A word to the wise, if you’re planning to use Funfair to run your own casino, and then respond for acquiring casino operators licence. Funfair is only a technology company.When it comes to sports betting, the one cryptocurrency that reigns supreme is Bitcoin. In fact, the Kentucky Derby, the premier horse race of the US now takes bitcoin on its preferred list of currencies. Many betting sites have taken to eliminating processing charges. For example, Visa and Mastercard have deposits fees 6-9% and any withdrawals have a $100 charge. No such charges exist for bitcoin betters.

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