Eldorado Casino Shooting Case Settled

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Reno, Nev. • The lead prosecutor has cleared Reno police of any bad behavior in the deadly shooting of a suspect at a downtown gambling club after he avoided safeguard in Utah and conferred an auto jacking in California. Washoe County DA Chris Hicks said the officer was supported when he shot and murdered 24-year-old […]


5 Top E-commerce Trends In 2018

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e-commerce in 2018

According to research, ecommerce will experience a 2x growth by the year of 2020. Around the globe, almost every country is forging or has forged into this new digital era. The university in Australia, even in Malaysia the government is pushing entrepreneurs to go digital by pursuing ecommerce. Read 17 Tactics to boost Ecommerce If […]


Najib’s Nastiness

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Najib At A Press Conference

With Najib in jail, Malaysia can finally say “we did it!” This momentous occasion has brought about a unique sense of schadenfreude — pleasure from seeing bad people get what they deserve — among Malaysians. Though revelling in someone’s misery is never really appropriate for civilised people, being sympathetic with the political  personification of Satan […]


Betting on Crypto | Edgeless

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photo of model bitcoin

Unlike most Bitcoin-based gambling tokens, Edgeless is an Ethereum based casino that claims to be legal and safe. With its own casino licence,  you can easily play blackjack, dice games, poker and even bet on sporting events. It even has its own casino licence, granted to it by the Caribbean nation of Curacao.  With an […]


Betting Cryptocurrency Online In 2018

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bitcoin insertion into pants pockets

The Online Gambling Making A Change Cryptocurrency betting is a fairly new invention. It’s been brand it as a safer alternative to regular online gambling because apparently, it’s more transparent than your typical online casino that offers Texas Holdem poker or blackjack. This branding is no mere marketing fluff,  betting cryptocurrencies are based on blockchain, […]