Najib’s Nastiness

Najib At A Press Conference

With Najib in jail, Malaysia can finally say “we did it!” This momentous occasion has brought about a unique sense of schadenfreude — pleasure from seeing bad people get what they deserve — among Malaysians. Though revelling in someone’s misery is never really appropriate for civilised people, being sympathetic with the political  personification of Satan the devil is not appropriate either.

Najib press conference
Najib press conference

Let’s face it,  with Anwar out of prison,  and Najib in his place, there are some on this planet  who would hope and getting turned out in prison is an actual thing.  Why so much vitriol a level that a man who once held the highest office in the land,  and was The Custodian of Malaysia’s purse strings? it’s simple, He was a weak willed philanderer with a  penchant for the finer things in life. It may sound like we’re talking about Silvio Berlusconi, but I assure you he has a quarter about berlusconi’s charisma,  and 8th of his sex appeal, and none of his competence.


The ironic thing about Najib is his brazen attempts at deception, whilst putting on airs of confoundedness. When the political heat gets turned up, he resorts to diving into his half paragraph playbook of schemes and plots, with his go to moves being “I was completely unaware”, “it was taken out of context”, better yet “it was to protect certain religious freedoms in Malaysia”. The last excuse usually riles up religious fundamentalists who cry sacrilege and flock to protect their “lone crusader”.

Really, the presumed cojones on this guy, for orchestrating the largest case of kleptocracy against the country, only to preach “forgiveness” in religious solidarity, is by far the dumbest post apocalyptic PR strategy ever to be used by a disgraced politician. What perplexes me even further is the herd mentality of his die hard supporters. The ridiculous level of stockholm syndrome of a people so blinded by charisma and the unwillingness to let go of privilege to embrace a tolerant future, is understatedly ludicrous.


My personal favourite is his feeble attempts at preaching piety in faith when having sex parties with his best buddy Dr Abdul Razak Baginda, with their translator sex kitten, the deceased Altantuya. What’s unbelievable was the gaul of him to succumb to his wife’s petticoat government, since she was the one that got rid of the mistress and her hired hitmen took the fall. Imagine that, your wife gets pissed, kills your mistress then gets rid of the body, only to have you get to work. Absolutely no chill. I almost feel sorry for the man. But I don’t.


Well, if there is any justice in the world, for all he has done to sodomise the nation, I for one unabashedly hope he is acquainted with the risk of “dropping the soap”.

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