Five Doubts About Malaysia

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Malaysia has so much to offer to people whether you’re a foreigner or a local. The country has that special charm that most foreigners find amusing. Although, there are five doubts about Malaysia that have to be clarified. Malaysia is an English Speaking Country

Although the name of the country is directly derived from the Malay race, it doesn’t mean that the country speaks limited English. After all, the country was formerly under the British colonization in the early 19th century. The name “Malaysia” was adopted in 1963 when the Federation of Malaya’s existing states, plus Singapore, North Borneo and Sarawak established a new federation. One hypothesis posits the name was chosen so that the addition of Singapore, North Borneo, and Sarawak to Malaya in 1963 reflected “si.” 


1. Malaysia Is Not a Terrorist Country

The overall religion that makes up most of the country’s religion is Muslim. However, that does not justify that the country is a terrorist country. Malaysia is a generally peaceful country that hardly ever has protests. The most that citizens could do is rant on their Twitter but everything else is tranquil and relaxing. In addition, nobody has custody or control of any arms or ammunition unless he is the holder of an arms license. With that being said, the country is a pretty chill one.

2. The Biggest Contributor To The Economy Is Not Oil


While once reported as having Asia’s third-largest income, Petronas is not the biggest contributor to our economy, oil, and gas. In reality, it is manufacturing. That’s why you always hear about family, parents or acquaintances who have a history of working in factories to make a living. Manufacturing exports from Malaysia contribute 76.4 percent of our total export earnings. And a large chunk of that comes from selling semiconductor equipment. 

The Country Consists of More Than Just 3 Main Ethnics

So here’s the thing. The media only shows three main ethnic groups in Malaysia. And that’s Malay, Chinese and Indian. This is what the media is showing on television. What’s even sadder is the failure to recognize other ethnic groups in an official form. However, with the help of social media, minority ethnic groups have been gaining exposure and recognition outside of Malaysia. Image credit: The Strait Times

 Is Hawker Food Safe To Eat?

Hooray, the favorite topic of every Malaysian-FOOD! And our country is known for its food in the streets. Once it comes to hawker stalls, you know pretty much that you may need to compromise on cleanliness a smidge, yes or no? But a rating system will pin you in on the hygiene standard of a stall for people who are specific.

Malaysian food on TripAdvisor is rated as fairly healthy by reviewers on a scale of 1 to 10. And now that foreign workers are banned from cooking, you can classify as really’ authentic’ street food in Penang.

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